MARKETPLACE - Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation

The concept of the MarketPlace is to leverage recent software engineering and ICT advances to collect, adapt and integrate all scattered modelling components from all fragmented materials modelling and industrial communities and provide a single point of access - an online gateway - to all materials modelling activities in Europe.

MarketPlace aims not only at information components but also provides the mechanisms and services to create and apply advanced materials modelling workflows. All this is directly made possible on the MarketPlace integrated webplatform and through connectivity to externally linked High-Performance-Computing (HPC) resources (e.g., PRACE) and database warehouses (e.g., Zenodo).

The MARKETPLACE project is funded by Horizon 2020 under H2020-NMBP-25-2017 call with Grant agreement number: 760173

Total budget: 9.2 M €



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The MARKETPLACE consortium will utilise state of the art information technologies to build an open web-based integrated Materials Modelling and Collaboration platform that acts as one-stop-shop and open marketplace for providing all determining components that need to be interwoven for successful and accelerated deployment of materials modelling in industry. This includes linking various activities and databases on models, information on simulation tools, communities, expertise exchange, course and training materials, lectures, seminars and tutorials.

The proposed marketplace will be a central-hub for all materials modelling related activities in Europe and provide tangible tools to connect disparate modelling, translators, and manufacturing communities to provide a vibrant collaboration web-based tool for the advancement of materials modelling in European manufacturing industry. The developed platform will include mechanisms for the integration of interoperable set of advanced materials model workflows for coupling and linking of various discrete (electronic, atomistic, mesoscopic) and continuum models. This will be achieved by developing open and standard post and pre-processing methods that allow complex flow of information from one model to another for both strongly and loosely coupled systems.

The MarketPlace platform will include access to concerted set of federated databases of materials models, materials data and provide for access to experimental characterisation and stimulate the development of interface wrappers and open simulation platforms. The MARKETPLACE consortium aims to strengthen the competitiveness and lower the innovation barrier for European industry for product development and process design and optimization using materials modelling.

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The overarching goal of the MARKETPLACE project is to design, create and maintain a sustainable web-based platform providing a central access point to all needed tangible and intangible modelling components and making them available to the entire materials modelling community. These include activities on databases, modelling, integrated open simulation platforms, and translation and knowledge services.

Platform Design for the web-based MarketPlace platform

Platform Realisation to integrate components of underlying ICT infrastructure

Develop standards for data, models based on cross-domain interoperability

Linking & coupling of models and data

Design, create and maintain databases to support translation of modelling approaches

Establish an online collaboration platform to enable faster progress of material modelling methods

Develop and establish online channel connecting industry with translators

Validation of the software tools developed within consortium through collaboration with EMMC-Marketplace (European Materials Characterisation Clusters (EMCC).

Demonstrate the online MarketPlace hub with four industrially relevant applications.

Develop and implement a business plan towards self-sustained Digital Single Market (DSM) for Materials Modelling.

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